Wash Away that Dust

25% off 2kg and 5kg buckets

25% off 2kg and 5kg buckets

We’re gonna wash all that dirt out of your clothes…..

With 25% off 2 kg and 5 kg high quality Soap City™ Dual Purpose Washing Powder, this is even easier and cheaper!

  • 2 kg now only R 33-75
  • 5 kg now only R 82-50
  • Suitable for all machines, as well as highly effective for hand wash.
  • Packed in an extremely versatile and re-useable buckets that seals air tight
  • Leaves your laundry fresh and clean, and well cared for
  • Goes extremely well with Soap City™ Lavender Fresh Fabric Softener
  • Also check out our highly effective Degreaser, to get rid of stubborn stains, oil, grease, playground dirt.  Use on sport gear, overalls, kitchen laundry, hospital and clinics laundry, and just about anything else.  Suitable for all colours and whites

This promotion is valid till midnight, Tuesday 30th September 2014

Remember, Soap City™ delivers to your door, anywhere in South Africa!

So, why blogging about Soap Powder?

  • Everybody uses it
  • Soap City™ offers our Customers an outstanding product at an extremely good price
  • It is extremely efficient
  • It is Bio degradable
  • We love our Customers