To Spray or not to Spray ?

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Swishes scum away effortlessly

To Spray or not to Spray ?

What is the big deal?

For starters, spray nozzles are expensive! Good quality household hygiene and cleaning products can be packaged in a pour out bottle, and then be sold to the end user for cheaper than when presented in a spray bottle. So what is the big deal? We all want value for our money, therefore, let’s face it, nobody wants to pay somebody and not benefit from it.

Is pouring cheaper ?

In a pour out bottle product can be packaged in just about any size container. Is the savings made from buying surface cleaner in a pour out bottle then justified and fair?
Firstly pouring out is messy.
Secondly, you end up with all the product in one spot, and now you have to distribute it manually. This way the cleaning and disinfectant agent is not getting into all the nooks and crannies, cracks and hiding places. So in one spot you deposit an overkill of cleaning agent, wasting money, and in the other not enough to kill the bad germs. The bad germs and bacteria then crawl back into the areas you over sanitised and your money is wasted.

And the solution ?

Using a high quality spray bottle allows you to distribute product evenly. Fine spray and mist will deposit itself into the furthest corner and crack. A high quality product such as Soap City TM Swish range and disinfectants will then eliminate all the bad bacteria and germs.
A simple choice.
Value is not what the price tag tells you. Consider the result, ease of use, scale of economy, effectiveness and your health.
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