Stain Remover Concentrate

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Stain Remover Concentrate


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Stain Remover Concentrate – 1L

Stain Remover Concentrate

  • Stain remover, degreaser, spot remover !
  • The fact of the matter is, this product removes grease, oil, food and playground stains….and just about any other stains.
  • It is suitable for whites and colours.
  • It is highly concentrated, and only a small amount is needed at a time.
  • Can be used as spot remover or pre wash degreaser.
  • It does not contain bleach.
  • If used as a pre wash soak, then less washing powder is required in the wash cycle.
  • Soap City™ product experts are able to advise on multiple ways to use this outstanding product.
  • Available in 5 L cans and 25 L drums for laundries, catering companies, hospitals, guest houses, schools, clinics, and any other consumers requiring larger volumes.
  • Contains anti bacterial properties.
  • Bio degradable.