Pine Gel – General Purpose Cleaner 5 L

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Pine Gel – General Purpose Cleaner 5 L


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Pine Gel General Purpose Cleaner 5 L


Pine Gel – General Purpose Cleaner

  • An exceptionaly versatile cleaning product, with many unknown features and advantages.
  • PH balanced to maintain high quality, and not cause unnecessary wear and tear to surfaces
  • Contains bacteria killing ingredients.
  • Mix a very small amount with water and use it to clean tiles, worktops, glass, floors, grease, and a myriad of other surfaces.
  • Very effective as a laundry stain remover.
  • It leaves a fresh smell in drains, rubbish bins, ablution facilities, workshops, processing plants, bathrooms, kitchens, etc,etc,etc!
  • Once you have discovered the wonderous uses of this little known product, you will want it at hand at all times.
  • Soap City™ takes great care to ensure that it’s Pine Gel is of the highest quality, since there are cheap imitations on the market that smells like “the real thing,” but does not behave like “the real thing.”
  • Also available in 1 L buckets and 25 L drums.
  • Biodegradable