Oven and Braai Cleaner 1L

R38.00 Incl VAT

Oven and  Braai Cleaner 1L


  • Heat oven slightly (no need to heat braai grid before cleaning)
  • Spray the surface to be cleaned, till soaked
  • Allow to stand for at least 5 mins (longer if required)
  • Wash/wipe off with clean soapy water (Soap City Dishwashing liquid recommended)
  • Ensure that all cleaner is removed from surface before using the oven again


– Keep out of reach of children
– Always wear rubber gloves when using this product, as it will burn your skin – avoid contact with skin at all times
– Poisonous if consumed
– Avoid contact with eyes, advisable to wear eye protection when working with this product
– In case of emergency seek medical attention or contact Poison Information Center on 021 689 5227

Warning: Corrosive, contains Caustic Soda