Larger Purchases

Larger Purchases


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Purchasing for Hospitality Industry, Clinics, Traders, High volume users and other Bulk Buyers

Larger Purchases for Higher Volume Users and Traders

  • Use economy of scale to your advantage, and receive generous discounts
  • Free Delivery anywhere in South Africa for all Larger Purchases through Soap City
  • Both Bulk Packaging and Standard end user or Retail size Packaging products will qualify for generous Larger Purchase Discounts
  • Guest Houses, Hotels and other Hospitality concerns, order your Home Care, Body Care and other household cleaning products in larger quantities, and SAVE!
  • Hospitals, Restaurants, Food Preparation Plants, Clinics, order your Disinfectants and Hygiene Cleaning Products in larger quantities, and beat the budget
  • Workshops, Light Industry, Machine Shops, Car Wash Centers, get Engine Cleaner, Hand Cleaner, Pine Gel, Car Shampoo, Tyre and Dash Shine, and other Industrial Cleaning agents in Larger Volumes, and get bigger discounts
  • Meat Preparation Plants, Fast Food Businesses, stock up on Disinfectants, Anti Bacterial Cleaning Products, Drain Cleaners, and save on Larger Purchases
  • Add Laundry Care, Toilet Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Bleach to the order, and Cleaning Products will cost you Less
  • For more information and enquiries, email
  • More contact information on our Home Page