Dish Washing Liquid 750ml

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Thick and Powerful Dish Washing Liquid, packed with Lemon Fresh Grease stripping additives.

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Dish Washing Liquid 750ml


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Lemon Fresh and highly Concentrated


Dish Washing Liquid – Soap City is a powerful, highly concentrated Home Care product super filled with Lemon power

Skin Protection:

  • Soap City’s Dish Washing liquid is highly concentrated and removes grease and baked on easily and effectively
  • Because it is concentrated, only a very small amount is required at a time
  • This is a very economical product due to its highly effective ingredients
  • Soap City Dish Washing Liquid is PH balanced.  This means that it is softer on your skin and your dishes, cutlery and other kitchen equipment and tools.
  • It contains a moisturising ingredient that helps in protecting the skin on your hands from drying out in the washing process
  • It is always recommended to wear rubber gloves when exposing your hands to detergents for long periods of time
  • Perfect for all your dish washing requirements
  • Contains anti-bacterial additive
  • Small amount only needed as this product is concentrated
  • For dried on foods: product can be mixed with 50% water in a spray bottle to be sprayed onto items as required, leave to soak & wash as normal (can even be sprayed onto your braai grids for easy cleaning)
  • Always rinse items well after
  • Also see Soap City Auto Dish Washing Powder for your Dish Washing Machine
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    Dish Washing Powder for Automatic Dish Washing Machines


Keep out of reach of children

Poisonous if swallowed

Avoid contact with eyes

It is always advisable to wear protective clothing such as rubber gloves when working with detergents for long periods of time

In case of emergency seek medical attention or contact Poison Information Center on 021 689 5227