Deep Clean Hamper

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You will absolutely love the clean effect of these products, AND they are so well priced!

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Deep Clean Hamper Sale!


Deep Clean Hamper:

  • 1 x 750 ml HandyA, extra thick and creamy
  • 1 x 750 ml Thick Bleach. Extremely versatile product
  • 1 x 1 kg Pine Gel. Try it once, you will love it
  • 1 x 750 ml Swish Multi Purpose Cleaner in fully adjustable spray bottle. Every kitchen’s must have product
  • 1 x 750 ml Swish Tile Cleaner in fully adjustable spray bottle. It is BRILLIANT
  • 1 x 750 ml Swish Window and Glass Cleaner. It makes things sparkle!
  • 1 x 750 ml Bath and Shower Cleaner. Swishes scum away!
  • 1 x 1 L Oven Cleaner in convenient Spray bottle. Clean and Disinfectant oven.  NO harmful fumes.
  • 1 x 750 ml Toilet Cleaner in convenient and effective angle neck bottle. Kills germs and bacteria, cleans and smells fresh.

Top quality products at a reduced price.  You WILL be satisfied