Bleach 1,5 L

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Bleach 1,5 L


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Super Value – Bleach in a 1,5 L bottle

Soap City TM Home Care’s Bleach:

  • For stain removal add 75mls of bleach to 5L water, soak item for 15-30 mins, remove & wash with Soap City washing powder
  • For machine wash add 125mls to pre-wash cycle
  • As disinfectant add 250mls to 5L water, wash all washable surfaces & then rinse well with clean water.
  • Avoid contact with food
  • As a disinfectant for toilets and drains, pour 250mls into drain or toilet
  • Caution: Do not mix with any other chemicals
  • Bio-degradable


Keep out of reach of children

Poisonous if swallowed

Avoid contact with eyes

It is always advisable to wear protective clothing such as rubber gloves when working with detergents for long periods of time

In case of emergency seek medical attention or contact Poison Information Center on 021 689 5227

Irritant: Active ingredient; Sodium Hypochloride