Online Shopping – Pain or Pleasure?

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Is online shopping a painful process, or a wonderful blessing

Online Shopping – Pain or Pleasure ?

Online, or modern day mail order shopping, can present itself with a substantial amount of painful experiences and frustrations!  Customers can easily be promised a fantastic shopping experience with out of this world products, only to find themselves with bad service, complicated websites, and inferior products.

But then:  Shopping in a store, seeing and touching the product, and being attended to by a living breathing person could often be even more frustrating and disappointing.

 Is online shopping convenient and of any benefit to Consumers?

Here at Soap City we believe that shopping on our website for your household cleaning products and detergents, as well as other personal care soap products, is not only convenient! It is safe, user friendly, convenient, getting high quality products at better than average prices, with delivery to your door.  That is house or office door, your choice.

We all buy cleaning products in a never ending cycle.  For some it is a grudge purchase, but mostly it is just something that needs to be done.  Why then use your valuable time to drive to a store, push a trolley around, stand in a queue and carry something home that can be ordered on line and delivered to you, saving you time, money, and frustration?

Shopping from Soap City is an easy process, very convenient, with home delivery, and costs way less than what you would expect to pay for high quality products at such convenience.

Is delivery quick and reliable?

Soap City has contracted with a number of very well established courier and transport operators to deliver your order to you.  Orders are despatched on the morning following the day on which the order was placed and confirmed.  Please see our terms and conditions for exact details regarding cut off times and delivery timelines around South Africa?

Is it safe to shop online?

Granted, paying online can be risky.  Soap City offers various payment options.  Feel free to check out our payment carriers, banks we are associated with, as well as 3D security features as well as other security features.  Soap City is a registered Trade Mark, and is associated with top end financial systems and institutions.

But I cannot touch and feel the product!

Granted!  But then again, shopping for cleaning products in a retail outlet is not much different.  As a customer you mostly see, touch and feel a plastic container.  You may be able to enjoy the fragrance of some products, and nice as it might smell, it is no real indication of quality or value for money.

Put Soap City Service, Quality, Reliability, Convenience, Value for Money and Efficiency to the test.  You will find true convenience!