At long last! A Company that delivers Household cleaning products, including soap and other bath and body products.

Soap City  will deliver high quality detergents and soaps in retail size packaging right to your door.  This includes all areas of our beautiful country, not just the main Metropolitan areas.  What makes this even more attractive is the added benefit that prices are extremely competitive, and delivery is FREE for purchases over R 500-00.  For all other deliveries a flat rate of R 50-00 applies, no matter where you live in South-Africa!

Bulk Purchases are always an option.  Feel free to contact us to enquire, and we will gladly quote for your requirements.

On line shopping has just become a real treat for Soap Shopping!

Why Shop Online?

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Why Shop Online?

Why Shop Online?Avoid the crowds and Queues:

  • Do you really want to spend your weekend or day off in busy shops and standing in long queues when you can shop from the comfort of your own home?
  • Especially for consumer goods that are not a fashion item that you need to try on, for look, feel or size.

Save Time:

  • Rather use that extra time doing what you want to do, like spending it with Family, friends, gym, braai, practicing your art etc.
  • Have you ever calculated your shopping time?  Not just filling your trolley and standing in the queue to pay, but taking into account driving time, finding parking, loading your car, offloading your car, negotiating traffic and parking attendants etc. etc.  Not to mention the stress that all these things cause.

Money Saving:

  • Save money as you don’t have to pay for Petrol and other expenses from a trip out to the shops.
  • With online shopping you have the freedom to put items in your trolley and track your spend as you go.
  • You can put items into your trolley and remove them with a simple click if your shopping total is exceeding your planned expenditure.
  • No need to wait for the cashier to give you a mild heart attack with the total, plus having to deal with that sinking feeling of not knowing what to do next.

Shop anytime:

  • Why shop when it is convenient for the retailers?
  • Rather shop when it is convenient for you.
  • Online shopping is available 24/7.

 More to Choose from:

  • You don’t need to stick to what your parent’s used, look around and find what works for you.
  • Some of us do get emotionally attached to our specific brands, but there is a whole new world out there, let us help you experience it.

Why shop from Soap City™?

  • Shop online from Soap City™, since the Soap City™ website was designed specifically with the consumer’s comfort and frustration levels in mind, when it comes to shopping.
  • Soap City™ offers you the most priced advantage products available
  • Soap City™ delivers Nationally
  • Soap City™ will dispatch your order within 24 hours of placing it, and will have it delivered to your nominated address.
  • The Soap City™ online shopping site protects your details with the most secure software in South Africa.  Please check it out, and verify for your own peace of mind.
  • Soap City™ offers you top quality products at the most competitive prices
  • Soap City™ staff is available to answer your questions, and advise on the best possible way to use cleaning products. All you havevto do is ask, and receive free advice.
  • Place your order now, you will absolutely be satisfied with Soap City™ products and service.


Wash Away that Dust

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Wash Away that Dust
25% off 2kg and 5kg buckets

25% off 2kg and 5kg buckets

We’re gonna wash all that dirt out of your clothes…..

With 25% off 2 kg and 5 kg high quality Soap City™ Dual Purpose Washing Powder, this is even easier and cheaper!

  • 2 kg now only R 33-75
  • 5 kg now only R 82-50
  • Suitable for all machines, as well as highly effective for hand wash.
  • Packed in an extremely versatile and re-useable buckets that seals air tight
  • Leaves your laundry fresh and clean, and well cared for
  • Goes extremely well with Soap City™ Lavender Fresh Fabric Softener
  • Also check out our highly effective Degreaser, to get rid of stubborn stains, oil, grease, playground dirt.  Use on sport gear, overalls, kitchen laundry, hospital and clinics laundry, and just about anything else.  Suitable for all colours and whites

This promotion is valid till midnight, Tuesday 30th September 2014

Remember, Soap City™ delivers to your door, anywhere in South Africa!

So, why blogging about Soap Powder?

  • Everybody uses it
  • Soap City™ offers our Customers an outstanding product at an extremely good price
  • It is extremely efficient
  • It is Bio degradable
  • We love our Customers


Online Shopping – Pain or Pleasure?

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Is online shopping a painful process, or a wonderful blessing

Online Shopping – Pain or Pleasure ?

Online, or modern day mail order shopping, can present itself with a substantial amount of painful experiences and frustrations!  Customers can easily be promised a fantastic shopping experience with out of this world products, only to find themselves with bad service, complicated websites, and inferior products.

But then:  Shopping in a store, seeing and touching the product, and being attended to by a living breathing person could often be even more frustrating and disappointing.

 Is online shopping convenient and of any benefit to Consumers?

Here at Soap City we believe that shopping on our website for your household cleaning products and detergents, as well as other personal care soap products, is not only convenient! It is safe, user friendly, convenient, getting high quality products at better than average prices, with delivery to your door.  That is house or office door, your choice.

We all buy cleaning products in a never ending cycle.  For some it is a grudge purchase, but mostly it is just something that needs to be done.  Why then use your valuable time to drive to a store, push a trolley around, stand in a queue and carry something home that can be ordered on line and delivered to you, saving you time, money, and frustration?

Shopping from Soap City is an easy process, very convenient, with home delivery, and costs way less than what you would expect to pay for high quality products at such convenience.

Is delivery quick and reliable?

Soap City has contracted with a number of very well established courier and transport operators to deliver your order to you.  Orders are despatched on the morning following the day on which the order was placed and confirmed.  Please see our terms and conditions for exact details regarding cut off times and delivery timelines around South Africa?

Is it safe to shop online?

Granted, paying online can be risky.  Soap City offers various payment options.  Feel free to check out our payment carriers, banks we are associated with, as well as 3D security features as well as other security features.  Soap City is a registered Trade Mark, and is associated with top end financial systems and institutions.

But I cannot touch and feel the product!

Granted!  But then again, shopping for cleaning products in a retail outlet is not much different.  As a customer you mostly see, touch and feel a plastic container.  You may be able to enjoy the fragrance of some products, and nice as it might smell, it is no real indication of quality or value for money.

Put Soap City Service, Quality, Reliability, Convenience, Value for Money and Efficiency to the test.  You will find true convenience!

To Spray or not to Spray ?

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Swishes scum away effortlessly

To Spray or not to Spray ?

What is the big deal?

For starters, spray nozzles are expensive! Good quality household hygiene and cleaning products can be packaged in a pour out bottle, and then be sold to the end user for cheaper than when presented in a spray bottle. So what is the big deal? We all want value for our money, therefore, let’s face it, nobody wants to pay somebody and not benefit from it.

Is pouring cheaper ?

In a pour out bottle product can be packaged in just about any size container. Is the savings made from buying surface cleaner in a pour out bottle then justified and fair?
Firstly pouring out is messy.
Secondly, you end up with all the product in one spot, and now you have to distribute it manually. This way the cleaning and disinfectant agent is not getting into all the nooks and crannies, cracks and hiding places. So in one spot you deposit an overkill of cleaning agent, wasting money, and in the other not enough to kill the bad germs. The bad germs and bacteria then crawl back into the areas you over sanitised and your money is wasted.

And the solution ?

Using a high quality spray bottle allows you to distribute product evenly. Fine spray and mist will deposit itself into the furthest corner and crack. A high quality product such as Soap City TM Swish range and disinfectants will then eliminate all the bad bacteria and germs.
A simple choice.
Value is not what the price tag tells you. Consider the result, ease of use, scale of economy, effectiveness and your health.
For more information, tips, help, guidance, bulk product, and any other questions, email us at
We will gladly assist !